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Why You Need An Online Newsletter

Do you know what most people check first thing in the morning, and throughout the day online?

Is it Facebook?

Is it Instagram or Twitter?


Although people may check these types of social media platforms on a regular basis, there’s one thing they almost always check on a daily basis (multiple times a day in fact)…and that’s their EMAIL.

By now if you’ve spent any time researching online marketing and creating an online business, you’ve probably heard the phrase “The Money Is In The List”…meaning the money is in (the relationship) with your email list of subscribers.

But the question is, are you building an email list?

And if you are, are you staying in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis?

Many people who build email lists online are doing it all wrong…

They build their list, and then they either blast their list with all types of affiliate offers or self-promotions and never offer any value (don’t do this)


They build their subscriber list, give them a valuable report or “freebie” for signing up as a subscriber, but then they don’t send out another email to their list for weeks or even months (don’t do this either)

By the time they decide to email them again, the subscriber has most likely long forgotten who’s even emailing them.

Engagement and the chance for building an on-going relationship with the subscriber has been all but shattered.

So what’s the best way to build an email list, create value, and stay connected with your subscribers?

It’s simple…

Create a simple weekly email newsletter.

Your newsletter doesn’t have to be complicated.

God knows the one I send out here isn’t all that complicated.

But it’s USEFUL.

It provides some sort of VALUE to the reader.

It’s just a simple text email, with very little to no fancy graphics. Just content that I think may be helpful to my readers.

That’s it.

On occasion I may do a “soft promotion” of something I think will be of great benefit to my readers, but I try to aim for 80% value and 20% selling (if that).

Remember, your email list isn’t just a number count of subscribers…

They are REAL people.

Treat them like real people, and when you write to them in your newsletter…talk to them like you would your best friend.

Make it personal.

Add some humor.

Add nuggets of interesting information or links.

And most of all, BE CONSISTENT (I send mine out every Sunday like clockwork).

This way your subscribers have something to look forward to, and they know when to expect to hear from you.

Just remember, always focus on creating VALUE first and selling second in your email newsletter mailings.

When you do that, you’ll keep your list engaged, and your retention rates and clickthroughs will remain consistent.

As for email newsletter creation, you can check out what I use over here (along with some other useful tools).

It only takes me a few minutes to load up my email (usually written in iA Writer)…and I’m all done.

Click. Send.

Easy peasey. 🙂