Copywriting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

“The most common questions I get asked about my copywriting services, carefully answered for your convenience.”


“What makes you different from other copywriters?”

This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked. What makes me different is that I have many tools and expertise (and experience) in my arsenal. I’m not one-sided. I’ve not only written killer sales copy for years, but I’ve also had real-life experience in making products sell with what I write. Many copywriters are just that, copywriters. I actually started out as an Internet Marketer first, and then developed into a copywriter with real financial success in selling. I feel like my advantage over the bazillion other copywriters is that I’ve got the tools of a successful marketer, the abilities to write high-converting copy, and the artistic eye for copy that also appeals to the human eye. I’ve been in the trenches, and I’ve succeeded on my own.

“Why have you chosen to do copywriting as a job, instead of continuing doing it for your own products?”

Well, the short answer is I haven’t. I still do my own products, mostly all under pen names. But I’ve decided to also branch out and do copywriting for others as well. This not only gives me an extra stream of income, but it also helps me sharpen my copywriting skills even further. It’s a win-win situation. Plus I actually enjoy the writing when the project is something that is interesting to me, and I love to help others succeed!

“What’s your educational background and marketing experience?”

My formal education actually ties directly into copywriting and marketing. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing, with an Art Minor back in 1999. I have no doubt that the combination of the two fields have vastly improved my marketing skills as a copywriter.  As far as marketing experience, I’ve been an online marketer now for nearly 10 years, and have sold over 6-figures in infoproducts online under various pen names. Now I do both, marketing and copywriting, full time from my home office. You can read more about what makes me tick here.

“What type of services do you provide?”

I’ve dedicated a page to explain my services and what I do. You can check it out here.

“How can I achieve the very best results when working with you?”

I think the best thing is to be open about what you are wanting to accomplish with your product or service, and relaying that on to me. The more we can get on the same page, the better. When a harmonious connection occurs between myself and the client, great things get accomplished and success usually follows. The more you know your market, and the more you know how to get targeted traffic or viewers to your product or service, the greater the chance of financial success.

“How do I know the work you do for me will convert?”

The real answer to this question is…I can’t. Does that shock you? It shouldn’t. In fact, if any copywriter guarantees you conversions on anything they write…RUN FAR AWAY from them. But with that being said, I guarantee I can greatly increase the chance of a nice boost in the number of conversions you get with my copywriting as long as you DO your part too. And that means getting qualified or targeted people to view your offer or service. This is essential! I can write the greatest piece of sales copy in the world for you, but if you put it in front of the wrong people, it will be DOA. Also, with my background in marketing, I can also help give you some great tips on how to hone in on your target market, including various methods or techniques for quality traffic generation. And of course, you have to be offering something people actually WANT. That is a no-brainer.

“Why don’t you post samples of your work on your site?”

There are several reasons I don’t post my past work here for everyone to view. One is, some of my best work is not mine to show any longer, it’s ownership is now in the hands of the clients I wrote it for…and they want it to be kept private. Second, I think if you look around on my site, you will understand that I can write. No need to show it off in samples that may not even be in context with the work you’re wanting created. Some of the best clients I’ve ever had never even had to look at my previous work. But if you still insist on seeing samples, you can contact me and I will show you a few.

“How’s a content writer that much different from a copywriter?”

There’s a huge difference. Content writers simply write articles with information. Copywriters also write with various bits of information, but the objective is not to only inform, but it’s to sell or persuade the reader to take action. This is a unique type of writing that takes a lot of skill, time, and practice unlike becoming a content writer. That’s why some of the best copywriters can easily fetch $20,000+ and even higher for their writing.

“How much do you charge? How can I get a quote for my job?”

This is an open-ended question with no concrete answer. Every project is uniquely different. Because of this, I have to get all the details from you first, and then I can determine a fair quote to get the ball rolling. What separates the most successful clients, I’ve found, are those who are willing to invest in high-end copywriting with me in order to make their product a success, instead of focusing on getting a bargain. I’m not a bargain copywriter. If you think you can drop $500 on an expertly written sales letter by me that can convert and put $10,000 a month of passive income in your pocket…keep dreaming. You can move on. What I’ve written has had tremendous value to my clients, and many of them are making sales to THIS DAY with the work I did for them. They paid a premium price for my work, but in some cases got 100x or more return on their investment. It all comes down to how serious you are about increasing your chances of success. If you want a cheap copywriter, I’m not your guy.

“How soon will I get your work and also, in what format?”

Usually in 24 hours or less. Kidding. Remember, high-quality copywriting takes time. I have to not only clearly understand what you’re wanting, but I also have to get a good feel of your target market. How they think. How they act. Understand their particular buying triggers or things they object to. There are many factors I have to put into the mix when I finally get down to doing the writing. Many people think a copywriter is just another writer that sits down and starts plugging away. It is MUCH more complex than that. Everything depends on the project, and that’s why starting here will help me get a better idea of the scope and depth of what you will be needing.

As far as format goes, all my copywriting is done in a Word or Pages document (whichever you prefer). It includes no fancy images or design. That’s what a graphic designer is for. I focus on the HIGH QUALITY copywriting only.

“Do you ever turn clients down?”

YES. Just because prospects come to me with work and money in hand…it doesn’t mean I will take on their jobs. Why? Several reasons really. One is, if I don’t feel like I have some sort of connection to what they want, or I can’t relate to it internally, then they may be denied. Secondly, as I’ve stated before, I only take on a few projects per month. My focus is on quality, so juggling 10 different projects at once is not conducive to high quality work in the end.

Lastly, I may have to turn down clients simply because I’m booked and I can’t work them into my schedule. It’s amazing how many people want their copy done YESTERDAY. Masterfully written salescopy takes time. A true client will understand this and respect the copywriter. They know that the patience will pay off.

Do you have more questions?

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